Friday, March 9, 2012

old man and the sea

                    In the story the Old Man and  the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway the boy has to choose between fishing with  the old man or the more successful boat. He disobeys his parents and continuous to help the old man as much as he can. The boy feels that the old man is like a grandfather to him. The young boy has a history with the old man he has known   him for a long time. The boy and the old man shared a love for fishing and baseball. The old man loves fishing so much he dreams about it “White beaches so White they hurt your eyes “(pg 24) the boy thinks the old man is someone he can talk to when he needs to get something of his chest. The boy thinks the old man is like a mentor to him guiding him with his wisdom of fishing and baseball.

                The boy is helping the old man by giving him the old caching bait. This bait helps  the old man in his goal to cache a really big marlin. The boy can no longer go fishing with the old man and has to work on a boat that brings in a profit. Not in a small skiff with an old man that has not had a catch for a great number of days.     At the end the old man colt the fish and the boy fawned out that you can do anything you set your mind to and see it throw.  

                 The fish was not edible for consumption, but it was the old mans dedication to fishing that helped him catch that big fish. When the boy sow the fish he was astonished and gasped that is a really big fish.  It was a trophy for the old man. It was the best fish he had ever gotten. The boy was so proud and that was the biggest fish in the port in a long time. The old man was not gloating in his mined he hade the best fish but not a person to share it with.

Friday, October 7, 2011

david's fire go-cart

The reason I chose to not to sell my fire pit is that the price of replacing it will be triple the original
price. and the same fire pit we bought is 100 dollars more then what we pade for the same one and i whont by one till i need one that bad. and we are almost ready there is a hole the sies of my foot in the bottoms of the fire pit

the reason i chows to be able to sell my go-cart  is that it is not that fun and i need the money for more impotent things.Like to get rc cars and to fices my 4-weeler and i wont except any thing under 300 dollars. Maybe sum ammo  for my bb gun.

the reason i whont sell my fire-pit is i like to sit at it with my dad and my nabers and friends on the weekend and almost every night in the summer. we talk about are day and what we are doing tomorrow.and it gives us a resin to stay out late.